As a supplier to the trade moulding market throughout the history of the company, we have supplied plastic mouldings to many of the well known brands throughout Scotland. With the addition of our toolmaking company to the Group, opportunities to supply to the wider UK market have arisen.

Our range of modern Arburg machines (70 to 200 tonnes) provides great scope to meet customers moulding needs ranging from very small components up to 350 grams for larger components.

Our trade moulding services and philisophy are to: -

  • offer high quality mouldings in a wide range of thermoplastic and thermoset materials
  • cater for small, medium and large volume production
  • offer in-house development resources (see design)
  • colour matching and materials selection
  • insert moulding and overmoulding
  • secondary operations
  • provide stock management and consignment stock

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Glendale Moulding is the trading name of Quality Precision Mouldings Ltd